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Michael Reber

Michael Reber

Michael André Reber
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About Me.

Linux Security Engineer and Developer

As a dedicated system engineer, I am always interested in new topics in field of information tecnology and keeping my knowledge up to date.

Security in IT is one of the key elements for me. Because a company or a system is only as secure as its weakest link. That's why I develop solutions for myself and my customers that offer the greatest security in terms of the usability of an infrastructure. I now have more than 10 years of experience in IT, run my own cloud as well as wiki and I want to let you benefit from my experience and knowledge.


Personal Information

  • NameMichael Reber
  • AliasMichu
  • ResidenceBern, Switzerland
  • Emailmichu@michu-it.com
  • ConsultingYes, for companies as well as private persons
  • LanguagesGerman, English, Bash, Ansible, PHP, Python and Golang

SSH Publickey

ssh-rsa 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 imported-openssh-key

Further Experience / Know How

Linux / Windows

Debugging and problem solving. Repairing and configuration of various services. Virus prevention and removal as well as protection of own data. And much more..


Hardening of existing systems such as Linux and Windows. Configuration of web application firewalls based on ModSecurity. Setting up hardened reverse proxies with TLS encryption and header security.

Web Development

Creation of templates or brandings for company applications or CMS systems as well as creating own contend management systems according to the needs of the customers.

Hardware / Soldering

Repairing and maintaining of hardware of any kind. Whether defective smartphones, notebooks, graphics cards or even microwaves. Soldering own devices and building up circuits.

My Resume.


  • Cyber Security Engineer

    Netcloud AG, Bern CH

    Establishment of SIEM systems and Cyber Defence Services (based on ELK stack) at our customers' sites further development and continuous updating of managed Cyber Defence Services, defense against cyber attacks at our customers sites Analysis and correlation of complex log information to detect threats and cyber attacks. Collaboration in the development of cyber security use cases Collaboration in Purple Team.

    today 2021
  • Cloud Platform Engineer

    Swiss railways, Worblaufen CH

    Manage and monitor five major OpenShift production environments. Development and maintenance of an own SBB-OS based on Red Hat. Ansible infrastructure automation.

    2021 2019
  • Linux / Security Engineer

    Swiss Post, Zollikofen CH

    Lead Docker at IT Swiss Post and deputy OpenShift lead in the core team of four. Responsible for security in the cloud platform area.

    2018 2015
  • Windows / Security Engineer

    PostFinance, Zofingen CH

    Windows PowerShell automations, hardening of Windows servers and services.

    2015 2014
  • Swiss military cadre

    Swiss Military, Listal, Basel, Schwyz CH

    Infantry instructor in Basel. Training in paramedics, shooting with the assault rifle, pistol as well as the defense against chemical warfare agents.

    2014 2013
  • Support Computer Scientists

    Sycon PC-Help, Kirchberg CH

    Experience in private and business customer support. Establishment of school and university infrastructures regarding cabling, WLAN and Active Directory.

    2012 2009


  • Elasticsearch Engineer

    Elastic Co, Sydney US

    Optimizing search performance and building efficient clusters. Ways to ingest and process data, write complex search requests and work with their responses, strategies for scaling your clusters up or down, managing indices in large environments - multiple clusters and troubleshooting.

    2021 2021
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

    CiscoSystems Inc,Chicago US

    Certification for validating skills and knowledge in networking, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security solutions, automation and programmability.

    2020 2020
  • Red Hat OpenShift Administrator I

    Fast Lane, Wallisellen CH

    Training on how to install, operate and manage a Red Hat OpenShift Cluster.

    2018 2018
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrators II

    Fast Lane, Wallisellen CH

    Training how to install and operate a Red Hat server and its services best in terms of security (SELinux and Firewalld).

    2017 2017
  • Federal graduate Computer Scientist

    gibb, Bern CH

    Apprenticeship as Swiss Federal Diploma in Computer Science.

    2018 2014
  • Group Leader of the Swiss Armed Forces

    Swiss Armed Forces, Listal CH

    Training as a squad leader of the Swiss Armed Forces with the Inf.-RS 13 command squadron in Liestal as a through servant.

    2014 2013
  • Computer Science Practitioner

    gibb, Bern CH

    Training as a computer science practitioner.

    2012 2010

Technology Skills

Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Ansible / Autonomation


Security Related Stuff


Reverse Proxy


Photoshop / Design


Coding Skills



Bash / PowerShell








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